Fall Retreat 2014 - Show Your Colors

First of all, the Fall Retreat was awesome! It was so colorful, messy, and encouraging! Thank you to everyone who came, from students to parents/adults. You were a blessing this weekend. 

We may have made a mess, but most important, we made lots of memories. 

We took over 45 students and 15 adults to Gulf Coast Bible Camp for a weekend retreat. 

Our theme was “Show Your Colors”. It was based on Ephesians 2:10 where we are described as God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. The big ideas were simple. (1) You are unique, created by the masterful Artist. (2) You were created to show your colors. (3) In the church, what makes us different makes us beautiful. 

We challenged everyone to embrace each other, because we were all created by God exactly the way we are for a reason. And it is our differences that, when we come together in Christ, make the church a beautiful thing. 

Everyone was put on a team (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow). The teams competed in different challenges which included Color Cannons, Color Wars, and Zombie Combat. A special thanks to Connor McLean for dreaming up, organizing & executing all of our activities this weekend!

The Fall Retreat was a blessing to many of us. It is going to be hard to top. I pray that all of us remember the lessons we learned and truly embrace each other as God’s Masterpiece. 

So…Show your colors!

                      — Eric