God Laughs?!

I love to laugh. Laughing is fun. Laughing is contagious. Laughing can be medicinal. Laughing can make a bad day seem better. Laughter can end an argument or disagreement. Laughter can build friendships. Laughter can restore friendships. Laughter can strengthen families. Laughter is one of the first milestones of a baby’s life (right parents?!). 

The University of Oxford did some research on how laughter affects our health and here is what they found:

“The international research team, led by Oxford University, found that when we laugh properly…the physical exertion leaves us exhausted and thereby triggers the release of protective endorphins. These endorphins, one of the complex neuropeptide chemicals produced in the brain, manage pain and promote feelings of well being.” (http://www.ox.ac.uk/media/news_stories/2011/111409_1.html)

The Bible has a lot to say about laughing. Did you know that?

“A joyful heart is good medicine…” (Proverbs 17:22).

Do you remember the story when the angel came to Abraham and Sarah and told them they were going to have a baby in about a year? They laughed. They laughed because Sarah was getting ready to celebrate her 91st birthday and Abraham was pushing triple digits. Yeah…your great-grandparents having a baby. That’s pretty funny! And to top it all off, God named the baby Isaac, which means laughter. 

Did you know that God is the author and creator of laughter? 

Check out this awesome verse that describes God in Psalm 2:4, “He who sits in the heavens laughs…”

God laughs?! Yes He does. 

God has a sense of humor. God laughs. That shouldn’t surprise us, although for some of us it might. 

I’ve never really spent much time thinking about God laughing until I started preparing for the series we are beginning this Sunday called “Beautiful Outlaw”. But God created and enjoys laughter. 


And what we will be studying this Sunday that is not only does He, God the Father, enjoy laughter, but His Son, God-in-the-flesh, Jesus Christ enjoys laughter too. He enjoys being playful and having a good time. Jesus does funny things, and even says funny things. 

So I hope that you will join us this Sunday as we begin a study on the personality of Jesus called “Beautiful Outlaw”. Because the more we know and experience the personality of Jesus, the more our love for Him will grow. 

It’s going to be a fun series, so I hope you will join us!    

            — Eric