Where You Were Right

I love listening to sports talk radio. I know that immediately makes me an “old guy”. I remember when I was a kid, I would ride in the car with my dad and he listened to sports radio and I thought, “How do you listen to this stuff? It’s so boring!” But now I love it. 

There’s one show on ESPN radio that I especially enjoy. Every week the host makes predictions about college & NFL games. On Mondays, he does this bit to point out where he was right and where he was wrong. 

On Saturday afternoon after one college team, who he had been very high on, lost, I immediately thought, “On Monday that should be a part of where Colin was wrong!”

It’s a lot easier to remember when people are wrong than when they are right. Maybe it’s because we can be cynical or negative towards others. Maybe we like it when people are wrong about certain things. Either way, we can be pretty good at pointing out where people were wrong. 

But is that what God really wants us to be like? Those who constantly point out where others are wrong? 

Sometimes it’s necessary. 

But what if we were people who more often pointed out where people are right?! If we tried to praise others on a regular basis? What if we said things like, “Good job!” or “I’m proud of you!” or “You were right and I was wrong” more often?

Maybe…just maybe…people would see more of Jesus in me if I did that. And you too. 

So how can we pay more attention to when people are right instead of when people are wrong?

Focus on the good of every situation. 

Look for the best, not the worst in others.

Assume they had good intentions in mind.

With that being said, I’m proud of you. You are an awesome person. And I’m thankful that we can share life together, and serve our great God together. Keep up the good work!

            — Eric