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Worship Ministry
Responsible for the planning and implementing of meaningful worship. 
 Elder: Ricky Butts / Deacons: Jonathan Brooks, Rick Naylor
Education Ministry
Responsible for the oversight of the Bible School Program. 
 Elder: Glenn Sargent / Deacons: Joey Adams, Lyndell Farmer, Ross Gallaher, Kevin Markham, Sammie Morris Note: Teaching assignments are renewed on a QUARTERLY basis.
Dedicated to the spread of the gospel to every soul in the community and the world. 
Elder: Mike Eddlemon / Evangelist: David Sargent / Deacon: Chris Presley
Community Service
To improve the physical well-being of the needy of our community - in the name of Christ.
 Elder: Glenn Sargent / Deacon: Greg Moorer
Administration & Finance
Responsible for the orderly conduct of the church finances and the proper handling and accounting for the church funds. 
Elder: Mike Eddlemon / Deacon: Mike Hankins / Co-workers: Terry Jones, Marvin Irvin, James Giddens
Family Ministry
To develop and strengthen the Christ-likeness of family relations; empowering and motivating church families to be families-in-ministry to the world.
 Elder: Ricky Butts / Deacons: Terry Livingston
Congregational Development
To build the Creekwood congregation into a strong and vibrant body.
 Elder: Mike Eddlemon / Deacon: Terry Livingston
Facility Management
Maintenance of building and grounds, security, janitorial service, baptistry, insurance, etc. 
 Elder: Ricky Butts / Deacons: John Sims, Bruce Englund, Bud McDonald
Youth Ministry
To assist families in training their youth to become mature Christians. 
Elder: Ricky Butts / Youth Minister: Eric Gray / Deacons: Ross Gallaher
Fellowship Ministry
Serves as a catalyst for personal involvement and sharing of the common faith, common love and common hope we have in Christ. 
 Elder: Mike Eddlemon / Deacons: Wayne Haney, Chris Presley
Zone Ministry
Maintains an organization of the entire congregation to provide a tool for quick and effective communication and to assist other ministries with their task. 
Elder: Glenn Sargent / Deacon: Chris Presley / Co-worker: Marvin Irvin
Lads to Leaders
A multifaceted program designed to awaken leadership ability early in life, to ignite within our young people the desire to lead and provide them with the training and experience necessary to assume leadership roles at home, church, the community and the business world. 
 Elder: Ricky Butts /Deacon: Scott Hardy